Cop Salaries, Michael Colbruno Responds…

by on June 22, 2007


There are at least two good reasons not to give the cops raises:

The police and fire department budgets are very bloated. These departments suck far too much money out of our city while providing very little in return.

Cops do little to prevent street crime. As any legitimate criminologist (i.e., anyone not speaking for the prison industrial complex) will tell you, if you want to eliminate street crime, eliminate poverty. The cops are basically the “army of the rich,” as the band MDC once sang. Their main job is protecting property and those who own it, and “property” does not mean a house and car.

Whenever there’s a big demonstration, notice the huge army of cops deployed to protect the establishments of the wealthy, such as the army of cops surrounding the Chevron building during the demonstrations against the first Gulf war, even though there were no threats against Chevron. So the fewer of these jobs that exist, the better for the average person, and even better for any of us with progressive values.

If you say you’re a progressive but you support cops, you’re being either ignorant of what they really do or you’re being hypocritical.

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco


I want to commend Paul Hogarth for his second excellent work of fiction regarding my work at Clear Channel Outdoor. If there was an award for “Best Blog Fiction” he would leave the competition in the proverbial dust. A while back, Mr. Hogarth managed to concoct a totally fabricated story about a Tony Dungy ad campaign that I had no involvement with and turned it into a conspiracy story that would have made the most ardent conspiracist blush.

Now Paul Hogarth has fabricated a story of “donated” billboards to Migden and her progressive allies. Chris Daly was a paid advertising campaign and a simple check of the public record quickly debunks Mr. Hogarth’s story. The same goes for Harry Britt. The outdoor advertising industry, like newspapers, radio and television all accept paid political advertising. There are a number of former political staffers who work in all of those advertising mediums and we all have to abide by the same set of rules.

I understand that Mr. Hogarth is as much a partisan for Mark Leno as I am for Senator Migden. However, I fail to see how his conspiratorial works of fiction benefit his candidate. I am proud that Carole Migden has become a leading voice against the war in California, just as she has been a distinguished voice on the environment, civil rights and consumer rights. If Mr. Hogarth wants to buy billboards from me, please have him give me a call and I can discuss rates. If he wants to further his blossoming career in fiction, I also know a great literary agent.

Michael Colbruno
San Francisco

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