CONVENTION UPDATE: The “Power” of Delegates

by Paul Hogarth on April 25, 2009

SACRAMENTO, 5:29 P.M. – As a delegate, I just cast my ballot for State Party Chair, Vice Chair and Controller, and we will hopefully get results later tonight. But delegates can’t do the same for picking the Democratic Party’s position on the May 19th measures (Proposition 1A-1F.) The Resolutions Committee rubber-stamped a “yes” endorsement yesterday, putting it on the consent caleandar. A 60% majority of delegates can still override it on the floor tomorrow, but the Party conveniently placed it on the agenda at the end of the Convention. Which means any delegates who must leave early won’t have a voice in the process. Efforts by the “No on 1A” camp are underway to pull it off the consent calendar, and we’ll see if enough rank-and-file members will still be present to get a 60% super-majority. But again, this shows how the Establishment manipulates the process to deny the grassroots a genuine share of power.

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