Control of Wisconsin State Senate Comes Down to Badger State’s Katherine Harris

by Paul Hogarth on August 10, 2011

Democrats came within one seat of taking control of the Wisconsin State Senate last night – winning two of the six Republican-held seats subject to recall. But in the eighth Senate District, election tallies appear to suggest that Alberta Darling – the same Republican senator who claims those making over $250,000 are “not rich” – has eked out a narrow victory. But the results are suspicious. Democrat Sandy Pasch was leading throughout the night, but returns from GOP-heavy Waukesha County were held back – the same county, and the same clerk who botched the election results in a highly contested judicial race back in April. When returns came in from Waukesha County, Darling leaped ahead and was declared the winner. Waukesha Clerk Kathy Nickolaus – a Republican – is now under fire for allegedly “tampering” the results, and the Wisconsin Democratic Party sent out a srong statement last night calling for an investigation. But even if Darling pulls it off, Democrats made serious strides last night in Senate districts – most of whom supported John McCain in 2008. This bodes well for a recall campaign against Governor Scott Walker next year, in which polls show former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold would be heavily favored to win – if he chooses to run.

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