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by on August 29, 2008

To the Editor:

As a Hillary supporter, I did not intend to watch much of the Convention. However, after watching Michelle … I loosened up. I’ve been involved in politics since 1948, when as an 11 year old … I had a campaign sign for Henry Wallace, the Progressive candidate for President ripped from my hands by a Chicago Cop for walking too close to a polling place! I’m a veteran of watching political conventions on TV since 1952. I had made up my mind to work for RFK for President after the ’68 Convention in Chicago… after his assassination, I joined the Peace and Freedom Party because it sounded good!

The Denver events of this week reminded me of the 1977 S.F. Supervisor’s race for the 5th District between Harvey Milk and Terrence Hallinan. I was an openly gay man working for Hallinan. There was no love lost between supporters of Harvey and Terry, and the gay press went out of their way to paint Hallinan and myself as anti-gay. On the night of the election and the results showing Harvey had won… Terry asked me to join him on going over to Harvey’s Victory party, to congratulate Harvey. At first, I said no way… after all the B.S. and name calling… but Terry won out and we walked over together. Years later, Terry won several terms as San Francisco’s D.A. and he had over 40 openly gay lawyers and workers in his administration… So much for him being anti-gay!

This year, I was turned on by Hillary, and felt she was better qualified to be our next President… along with 18 million other inspired voters. After Barack won the primaries, I, too was one of those who thought of sitting out in November, or even depending on either candidate’s choice for V.P. decide whom I would vote for… then came Denver! This week, Obama’s time was certified, and followed by his wife’s speech, and that of Hillary and Bill’s, and Barack’s V.P.choice of Bidden…and his acceptance speech has brought me back to my senses. I will be voting for, hopefully our next President and will do my share of volunteering on his and our behalf.

Jerry Pritikin

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