“Chronicle Misleads, Dias Responds…”

by on October 17, 2006


This is a great article. I just about shit my pants when I read those two articles too (I read it free to kill time on the ferry commute), particularly the thing about Amos Brown being “progressive.” In addition to the transgressions you liusted, he has ties to Sun Yung Moon: http://www.rickross.com/reference/unif/unif271.html.

As to Dufty, notice how they not only ignored the issue of housing (just as Bevan would like to do), but they had a piece about Billy Holiday in Datebook a couple weeks back in which they made a big deal of Bevan being Holiday’s godchild, giving him bohemian cred he’s completely lacking and doesn’t deserve.

Along these lines, I’ve often wondered why I haven’t seen a big expose in The Guardian or Beyondchron about the reasons the Chronicle is so in bed with economic elites, i.e. the specific financial interests, interlocking directorates, etc., that lay behind their twisted coverage.


Dan Benbow

Mr. Shaw,

Commenting that I “look dopey” as Paul Hogarth wrote in today’s edition, is unbecoming of a publication that is uncommonly well written, informative, and truly does go beyond where the chron does.

I’ve seen you speak eloquently at many public meetings, and I can’t believe that you would countenance such low talk from your new hire, who seems to be off to a poor start.

And I am NOT anti-progressive.

George Dias

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