Chronicle Falls into Right-Wing Frames on Deficit

by Paul Hogarth on February 3, 2010

Once again, a Democrat is in the White House – and once again, the media suddenly cares about the budget deficit. Even liberal San Francisco’s hometown paper, which had a massive headline in bold type yesterday called “Obama’s Record Deficit.” Written by Carolyn Lochhead (whose prior gig was writing for the conservative Insight Magazine), the piece reinforced all the right-wing frames about a Democratic President submitting a budget that “we can’t afford.” But we almost never heard such a complaint when George Bush was President, as he assaulted our fiscal health with tax cuts for the rich and dangerous endeavors in Iraq. Did the Chronicle have such an inflammatory headline during the Bush years? We started BeyondChron because the Chronicle had failed us on local issues, and I’ve been convinced that its coverage of state politics is equally atrocious. Now, it looks like it’s also bad on the national front.

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