Chronicle Claims Hillary Clinton is a Leftist

by Randy Shaw on January 18, 2007

In his front-page story in the January 17 San Francisco Chronicle, “Obama Emerges as Clinton’s rival for Dems’ Left,” Washington Bureau Chief Marc Sandalow further demonstrates why those seeking informed political information are abandoning our local newspaper in droves. According to Sandalow, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are in a race to represent what Paul Wellstone described as “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.” Clinton, who prides herself on her centrist credentials, is even described by the out of touch Sandalow as “widely regarded as the left’s most influential voice inside the now-revered Clinton White House. Hillary Clinton a leftist? Is Sandalow that uniformed, or is he trying to get a position with Fox News?

Barack Obama’s entry into the race means that he will be chiefly competing with John Edwards for progressive votes. Hillary Clinton, who backed punitive welfare reform in 1996 and has spent her entire adult life running away from the “progressive” label, is a longtime opponent of the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party,” and is rumored to be even more conservative than her centrist husband.

Placing Hillary Clinton in the category of Paul Wellstone insults the late great Senator’s legacy.

The only people who identify Hillary Clinton as part of the “left” are the wingnuts on right-wing talk radio and Fox News. By their standards, Clinton and all Democrats save Joe Lieberman are closet left-wing revolutionaries just waiting for the chance to nationalize industries and make peace with America’s adversaries (Lieberman may not have won re-election as a Democrat, but he plays one on television).

Sandalow cites the similar voting records of Obama and Clinton in the Senate in 2005-06, but this is irrelevant. Republicans were running the show, and there was no opportunity for centrist and progressive Democrats to distinguish themselves through formal votes.

But here is the obvious distinguishing point.

Hillary Clinton has been a strong backer of the Iraq war from the outset, never expressed regret over her pro-war posturing, and now is only backing away from the war because it has failed.

In contrast, Obama publicly opposed the war in 2002, a time when pundits said it was political suicide to do so. He didn’t support the war to help his Senate chances in 2004, and did not follow the line of political opportunism that defines Hillary Clinton’s career.

Clinton a leftist? When is the last time you saw her on the front lines of a labor struggle?
John Edwards has done more for organized labor in the past year than Hillary Clinton has in her entire career, which began with her close relationship with those anti-worker, anti-union billionaires who own WALMART.

Obama’s legal career was as a civil rights attorney; Clinton represented some of the nation’s largest corporations.

I will not insult the intelligence of our readers by exhaustively detailing Hillary Clinton’s lack of progressive or “left” credentials. Democratic voters already know the truth about Hillary, which is why she will not be the Party’s nominee in 2008.

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