Christmas Dinner and Concert

by on December 1, 2004

Season’s Greetings.

Badarikashrama, a Hindu spiritual and cultural center in San
Leandro annually holds a Christmas Dinner and Concert, extending the program to the general community and welcoming all who wish to attend.

As with the annual Thanksgiving Concert and dinner this Christmas event has provided a place for those who wish to have a vegetarian Christmas Dinner of Indian dishes and other dishes from many of the world’s most delicious cuisines and enjoy Indian music in the serene atmosphere of the ashrama’s temple and facilities.

This year there will be a Veena concert by local artist Srikanth
Chary. Chary who has released several CD’s began studying the veena at the tender age of 6 and began performing at the age of 8. When he came to America at age 13 he began to take music more seriously and began studying with the reputed violinist A. Kanyakumari while she was visiting America. He later studied with the world famous Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman.

In 1989 he established the music school Nada Nidhi dedicated to the preservation of the rich heritage of Carnatic (South Indian) Music in the Bay Area. Many young people have been exposed to the beauty and rewards of Carnatic music and to the splendor and depth of the ancient stringed instrument, the veena. Because of Chary’s early years in America his personality is very suited to attracting young Indian adolescents who have also spent all or most of their time out of India.

His students range from preteen to adults. Srikanth Chary will be joined by one of his senior students Akhilesh Sista who started studying at age 8. They will be accompanied by Sriram Brahmanandam on mridagam. Sriram is a well known player throughout California and the Bay Area and has accompanied many major artists.

The afternoon’s veena concert will be followed by bhajans by Illora Jha, founder of Sur Mandir, a school for North Indian vocals. She is a singer of depth and warmth and has inspired many to take up the art of vocal singing.

After the music everyone is invited to join in singing Christmas
carols which will be followed by dinner. Space is limited and
reservations are recommended, but no one is ever turned away from this unique and special celebration for Christmas. Event is free and open to all.

15602 Maubert Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94578
Saturday, December 25, 2004 3 p.m.
Contact: mangala 510-278-2444

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