‘Chris Daly Censure Hearing: A Knockout?’

by on November 24, 2004

Mr. Shaw:

Gee, thanks for the instructive Thanksgiving-week advice telling
progressives and neighborhood activists to … stop being active.
(“Recent Hearings Signal City’s Future,” nov 24.) I’m sure your
owners, excuse me, benefactors at the Residential Builders Association would like that to happen.

But I have to say, I disagree about what you say has happened to
progressives. I wasn’t around in the 70s, so I don’t know about
whatever ‘war’ you say ‘we’ lost back then. I do know that in the
past five to ten years, some so-called ‘progressives’ sold out to business interests for various selfish reasons; and now they seem to find a convenient calling lecturing their former colleagues on ‘the laws of the market.’ They seem to think of themselves as elder statesmen, when it’s really obvious that they are just petty hacks.

Sorry, Mr. Shaw. Parroting the RBA party line may be the law of YOUR market, but that doesn’t give you credibility about THE market. On Potrero Hill, we have several hundred badly built, overpriced studio apartments masquerading as ‘live-work lofts’ – they serve as cruel reminders of what happens when housing and land use policy is turnedover to the RBA. That won’t happen again, despite your misleading smear campaign against Supervisor Maxwell’s proposed interim controls.

Tony Kelly
Potrero Boosters Neighborhood Association


It’s quite a stretch to characterize the supervisors’ hearing on the motion to censure Chris Daly a “knockout” for Daly. The supervisors were unanimous in condemning his behavior, and several noted that he routinely behaved toward them in a rude, intimidating manner.

“I was there for nearly all of the testimony and did not see a single person of color testify against Daly.” Playing the race card here is irrelevant and inflammatory. In what sense is Daly’s boorish behavior about race? Can we have some evidence to back this up?

Or is Daly’s habitual incivility about the class struggle?: “The
difference in the economic backgrounds of the pro and anti-Daly speakers was as stark as the racial distinctions.” Does this mean the Ruling Class has targeted Daly for censure? This is preposterous. There’s no doubt that Daly has wide support in his district. Did anyone doubt that going into yesterday’s hearing? The issue is only Daly’s behavior, not how well he serves his district overall.

Daly is now on notice that any more public temper tantrums could result in some kind of disciplinary action by the board. This is a victory?

Surely all of us—left, right, and center—need to agree on a minimal standard of behavior as we conduct the city’s political business.

Rob Anderson

Dear Editor,

You and Joe KICKED-ASS!!
(I am referering to the eloquent statements made by the editor, and the Residential Builders Association President, Joe O’Donaghue, at yesterday’s censure hearing of Supervisor Chris Daly.)

Eric Smith, San Francisco

ps. Richard Marquez wasn’t bad either!

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