Chicago Bears Fans Speak Out …

by on January 19, 2011

To the Editor:

The need for justification of the Bears being for real comes from the many years of teams in all sports in this city breaking our hearts. We have seen many good teams that fall apart in their respective postseason and it has left us jaded to some extent.

Being a fan of the Bears on the west coast is different. They win or lose and you can go on with your day. Here, its on the face and on the tongue of every person you come across. There is no escaping the pain of a devastating loss. In Chicago, we love a sure thing, (Jordan era, 85 Bears), and while this Bears team has been a pleasant suprise, a sure thing they are not. So this weekend we will be rooting our hearts out but there will always be that little collective voice in all of our heads preparing us for the worst.

That way if they win the Superbowl, it will be that much sweeter. GO BEARS!

Ben L.

To the Editor:

I have to agree with the writer that the Bears have gotten no respect this year from the media. But I have to say this might of been a blessing with no real expectations of wining from the media actually help in courage the team this year. I do believe that most of the Chicago Bears fans are loyal and excited about their unexpected success.

The Bears have what it takes to win against Green Bay this weekend. I feel that our defense the offense jay cutler the whole team has hit there stride exactly the right time. It will come down to that 1 play because we have played each other enough that there is really no surprises no new plays no new defense Schemes no secret strategies it who wants it more. My excitement and anticipation of this game is extremely high. I also have been a Bears fan for quite some time, but I love the Bears unconditionally. I’ve never hung my head. I’ve never blamed anyone I would say wait till next year. GO BEARS

Tim Yon
Atoona, PA

To the Editor:

Like you, I’m a California based Chicago Bears fan (we must be around the same age.) Anyway, the bashing of the Bears has reached a new height this year. It seems that some of the media is angry that the Bears DID well, which was counter of what they predicted. It’s been a great ride this year, the most fun I’ve had in a long long time. I just wish some of the others could have enjoyed it too…

John Raspanti
Tracy, CA

To the Editor:

I am glad to read the article about the Chicago Bears. It is nice there is more to life than politics politics politics. I was born in Chicago, and my family moved here when I was five years old. So, at least philosophically, I have had my sports mind in both Chicago and San Francisco.

Lee Heidhues
San Francisco

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