Cathedral Hill Has Gone Downhill

by on September 11, 2023

799 Van Ness Ave and Eddy Street. Sept. 8, 2023

With the upcoming Dreamforce conference which could be the last in S.F. if it’s affected by homelessness and drug use

and right before Former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi announced that she would run for re-election in 2024, the sidewalks along Seven and Mission Streets in front of the Federal Building renamed after her, were finally cleared out from drug dealers and users.

But at the corner of Van Ness Ave and Eddy Street, tents, open-air drug markets, and use are business as usual.

It’s the Wild West.

The open-air drug market on Eddy between Van Ness and Franklin. Sept.8, 2023

Several SFPD and Sheriff’s cars circled the corner of 799 Van Ness Ave and Eddy Street while 20-30 drug dealers were brazenly dealing lethal poisons on September 8.

The California Highway Patrol cars are often seen on Eddy between Van Ness Ave and Franklin Street.

The California Highway Patrol on Eddy between Van Ness and Franklin. Aug. 22, 2023

On August 9, SFPD made a big drug bust at the corner of Eddy and Franklin.

Despite their visible presence, there hasn’t been any noticeable improvement on Van Ness Ave and Eddy Street (the 800 block of Eddy Street).

It’s a matter of fact, drug dealing and use on the block have gotten worse as documented daily by residents and businesses.

Drug cartels have seized the 800 block of Eddy and expanded their territories even further to Jefferson Park in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood.

Residents around Jefferson Park witness drug dealing and use and lewd conduct in the park which is directly across the street from the Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory High School’s baseball field where the high school students practice and the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management headquarters.

On September 6, parents picking up their children from Sacred Heart were caught in a standoff down the block on Eddy and Franklin Streets.

SFPD was getting ready to fire flashbangs at the standoff suspect’s car just down the block from SHC High School. Sept. 6, 2023

The Northern District Police Station and their team did a great job of de-escalating the situation.

Nobody was hurt during the 3-hour standoff.

SFPD used flashbangs to get the suspect out of his car and took him unhurt into custody. Sept.6, 2023

Broken back windshield from flashbangs. Sept.6, 2023

Several residents of Eddy and Franklin Streets who witnessed how all went down and saw the standoff suspect getting apprehended by the police told me that they saw him retrieve his car still parked on Eddy and Franklin Streets the day after the dramatic episode of his arrest.

School students shouldn’t have to witness traumatic incidents like this, drug dealing, use, and overdoses around their school.

They deserve a safe, clean, and peaceful environment to study.

There is still plenty of work that needs to be done to clean up the Cathedral Hill neighborhood in District 2.

Residents and businesses in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood can’t keep up with cleaning graffiti and replacing their smashed glass windows and doors.

They have built San Francisco’s Urban Garden District to beautify their neighborhood ravished by homeless encampments, open-air drug markets, use, overdoses, vandalism, fires, and crimes.

They can tell horror stories with photos and videos to show the decaying Cathedral Hill neighborhood.

They also get the idea of putting together a free Halloween tour for local politicians and the public called, “Horror In Cathedral Hill” which will also include a tour of San Francisco’s New Urban Garden District.

Feeling abandoned and fed up, voters have mentioned that they will take their frustrations to the polls and punch it in hard in 2024.

Their message to San Francisco’s leaders: “Business as usual has not served this City well.”

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