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Will SFUSD Scratch Cook School Lunch?

Posted June 28, 2016 by

It looks like scratch cooking of school meals may, some day, come to San Francisco’s public schools. After years of relying on outside vendors like Revolution Foods and Preferred Meals, SFUSD may take the first step this fall on the
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Our Children Need Kaiser Permanente’s Leadership

Posted April 25, 2016 by Jeff Ritterman, M.D.

I worked as a cardiologist at the Kaiser Richmond Medical Center for 29 years.  During my tenure Kaiser went from the “low cost leader” to a leader in quality.  Kaiser has also emerged as a major force in promoting public
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Communal School Lunch in SFUSD

Posted February 11, 2016 by

Will communal lunch for elementary school students ever come to SFUSD? The idea of small groups of younger students (in pint sized chef’s attire) serving each other lunch from family style bowls under the watchful eye of an adult, is
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Kroger Supermarket in Ohio Gives Free Fruit to Kids

Posted February 2, 2016 by Julie Fidler

Anyone with children knows the frustration of hungry kids begging for cupcakes at the supermarket. One Kroger Supermarket in Greenville, Ohio, has offered a unique and healthy approach to combat the problem of desperate little hands reaching for candy bars
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