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Park Merced Residents Express Doubts about Housing Bond

Posted May 3, 2004 by Jessica Jones

Passage of Mayor Newsom’s current housing bond proposal will require support from tenants living in buildings whose landlords are sure to passthrough 50% of the bond costs. If ParkMerced is any example, getting tenants to subsidize homeownership for those earning
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What Is Chess Teaching Our Kids?

Posted April 26, 2004 by E. "Doc" Smith

The world of chess has seen it’s ups and downs, but I can’t ever recall a time like this one. The great American grandmaster Bobby Fischer had been in a self-imposed exile since his world chess championship victory in 1972
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Prop H

Posted April 22, 2004 by Malaika Parker/Bay Area Police Watch

Last November voters approved Prop H a ballot measure that was thought to be the saving grace of the San Francisco Police Department. Voters flocked to the polls and chose reform over the same ol’ same ol’. After the appointments
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