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America (The Book), by Jon Stewart

Posted March 31, 2005 by E. "Doc" Smith

On a recent trip to the hot tubs of Calistoga, I came across a hilarious book amid the sulfur steam, Jon Stewart’s “America, (The Book)”. When I returned home, my friends back in D.C. called to tell me about a
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The Death of Che Guevera by Jay Cantor

Posted March 10, 2005 by Michael Gause

Towards the end of Jay Cantor’s novel The Death of Che Guevera, Guevera’s friend and would-be biographer Ponco muses, “It doesn’t matter how many times I write ‘The End’; it’s not over.” That reference to Ponco’s incessant inability to finish
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Disposable People by Kevin Bales

Posted December 30, 2004 by Colin Bosio-Cady

There are more slaves now than ever before in history, there are also fewer per capita then ever before. Though I haven’t seen a study documenting it yet it also seems safe to claim that slavery is receiving less attention
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The Impossible Will Take a Little While

Posted December 22, 2004 by Sarah Cohen

This book is a compilation of essays intended to inspire Americans towards consciousness and activism regarding the fate of our nation. I read the first essay and I am at once, inspired. This inspiration is an experience that I relive
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