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“Collective,” A Riveting Documentary

Posted November 17, 2020 by

(“Collective” is now streaming for Bay Area audiences via the Pacific Film Archive ( website) Early in Alexander Nanau’s riveting documentary “Collective,” the film shows 2015 footage from a nightclub punk rock concert.  The pounding chords of a song by
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37th Mill Valley Film Festival Reviews

Posted October 13, 2020 by

37th Mill Valley Film Festival opener Ariel Winograd’s “The Heist Of The Century” inventively entertains and brings out a viewer’s vicarious miscreant.  It recreates the planning and execution of the 2006 Banco Rio bank robbery, a Buenos Aires caper that
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More Reviews From The 19th San Francisco DocFest

Posted September 22, 2020 by

In the Sean Penn-directed film “Into The Wild,” protagonist Christopher McCandless’ travels take him to the Southern California desert.  There, he sees Leonard Knight’s folk art sculpture Salvation Mountain and even meets Knight himself.  The sculpture is a colorful expression
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19th San Francisco DocFest Reviews

Posted September 8, 2020 by

Raymond Chandler once famously wrote about how the Santa Ana winds could push people to murder.  For viewers who’ve never had the pleasure of living with the Santa Ana winds, seeing the halny at full strength may give you an
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