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Kill Bill: Volume II

Posted April 18, 2004 by Sarah Cohen

I do not tolerate violence well and so as you can imagine, I was hesitant to see Kill Bill: Volume I. But after a good and intelligent friend pleaded with me to see it, I built up my intestinal fortitude
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The Charming Hostess Sing Sarajevo Blues

Posted April 13, 2004 by E. "Doc" Smith

Jewlia Eisenberg’s Revolutionary Vocal Ensemble Returns to San FranciscoSome of the cuts from the Charming Hostess’ last CD “Trilectic,” reminded me a bit of Zap Mama/Natasha Atlas/Sabine Kobongo/ and a dash of Ursula Dudziak and Flora Purim thrown in for
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Don’t Miss This: Ray’s Vast Basement, April 15

Posted April 7, 2004 by Dean Preston

Featured Show: Ray’s Vast Basement, April 15, Cafe Du NordRay’s Vast Basement is more than just a band’s name. It’s also the name of a fictional cave located somewhere on the north coast of California. Nearby is the fictional town
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