Carole Migden’s Driving Woes; East Bay Green Corridor …

by on July 14, 2009

To the Editor:

Carole Midgen should be fired from this job she has been given, and prosecuted for lying about the incident on the highway. The complete Highway Patrol report should be published. Midgen has abused public confidence, and should not be allowed to hold any official position.

Andre LaRochelle

To the Editor:

Zelda Bronstein’s second story on Berkeley’s part of the East Bay Green Corridor has accurately and devastatingly revealed the undemocratic direction the City Planning Department is taking. The existing West Berkeley Plan was negotiated over years of meetings among all community stakeholders, was accepted unanimously by City Council, and it explicitly intended to protect industrial lands in the way many jurisdictions now protect agricultural lands. The goal was to serve the good of the overall community.

The current process to weaken the plan is driven by a will to turn the west part of town into a neighborhood of research parks and artists, with a handful of local developers reaping huge profits. The losers: democratic process, along with blue-collar and green-collar jobs.

Mary Lou Van Deventer

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