“Carole Migden, Liquid Airline Terror Plot…”

by on April 16, 2007


It is indeed distressing to see the venerable Migden been attacked by Leno who disguises his covetousness by words like “Democratic prossess”, etc. I challenge him to let go of his ego and leave Migden in peace. She is a fighter truly and a damn good speaker who delivered time and again. The latest: she put so much time and effort to help get Chris Daly reelected. Where was Leno? I hope the “grass roots” you are speaking of include us too, who saw Ms. Migden coming on weekends to the 16th and Mission campaing headquarters of Chris Daly. We the grass roots need Chris Daly in City Hall, therefore we need Migden too in Sacramento.

Nafiss Griffis.


I live in Santa Rosa, at the northern edge of Migden’s district. Ms. Migden has been noticeably absent from the district for the last four years. i don’t remember her even coming here during her campaign.

Additionally, she has appointed a woman to the sonoma county democratic central committee who has divided our committee and interfered with us getting any work done. when another member and myself sent Ms. Midgen a letter, with supporting documents, regarding this woman, she didn’t even give us the courtesy of a reply.
I heartily support mark leno and look forward to campaigning and working and voting for him.

Patricia Sheehan

The liquid Airline Terror Plot was another Hollywood -style media event based on lies, but it’ is part of a tapestry of lies that form the rationale for several wars, for setting up Homeland Security, for taking dictatorial powers with the Patriot Act and Military Commission Act of 2006, and a long laundry list of other agenda items that all hinge on the excuse of a lurking enemy. While the place to protest is certainly not in the airports, where you can legally be wisked away by the TSA into Homeland Security gulag system, citizens need to take a stand against the fake War on Terror and demand that their representatives in government speak out about the holes in the official 911 story. This should be an election issue.

Remember the summer media frenzy last summer and airport crackdown on liquids or gels on airplanes? Thousands of passengers were forced to discard bottles of wine, expensive make up, even baby formula as the Blair/Bush Regime and their controlled-medias presented days of emotional reporting about the averted disaster. Around the world people imagined a story that existed only in their imaginations about “Homegrown” Muslims who betrayed their homeland of birth to stage a mass terror attack against 10 transatlantic planes headed towards the USA. Blair sent a message from his vacation spot for Brits to keep a stiff upper lip. As is typical for these pre-terror events, it rapidly became apparent that there was no actual danger and little likelihood that the allegations were true.

None of the men arrested had purchased tickets, none had made a bomb, and several of them did not even have passports. Further, a UK bomb expert, Nigel Wylde, explained that it would be impossible to make this bomb on a plane due to the conditions required, the extreme length of time it would take for the chemicals to react and crystallize, and the fumes that would be made. The plot would be exposed hours before any substance could possibly be made. Even if a small amount could be made, it would not be enough to blow up a plane.

As is the usual case for these media events, further proof has emerged that there was no terrorism and no terrorism group as an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan cleared the alleged ringleader of all charges of terrorism or belonging to a terrorism group. I hope you can listen to the two audio interviews below to hear what two UK experts had to say about the event and their belief that it was staged managed hype to boost political ratings and to terrorize the public to win political support for the Blair/Bush and their policies.


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