“Carol Harvey, Housing and Streets”

by on April 4, 2006

Dear people,

What balls! I have never seen such one -sided media bullshit in my life. I have been working in this area, (94124) for 25 years. There are certainly wonderful people and amazing community groups fighting for their birthright: THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD! On the other hand some residents suck the complete life out the community and blame City Hall, downtown, rich white people, Asian immigrants, etc…

Next time you profile this community, please talk to poor Asian project dwellers virtually imprisoned after dark, talk to home-owning black widows afraid to walk to the few grocery stores in the area (most stores driven out by thuggery and intimidation).


Nicholas Lewis

To The Editor:

Progressives should never let conservatives define the terms of our thinking as BeyondChron.org is allowing by pitting funding for street repair against funding for family housing. Whether or not street repair or housing are one time expenses is immaterial, a frame of conservatives to choke government.

Even Adam Smith stipulated that government should handle expenses for that which capitalists couldn’t, such as streets. And San Francisco has been singluarly incompetent since the Feinstein years when it comes to maintaining the streets.

A deteriorating roadway infrastructure costs not only the price of repair, but imposes hidden costs on MUNI and private auto with damage and time delays, not to mention nasty bicycle wrecks due to poor pavement like I suffered on a bad patch of 8th Street last summer.

Ideally, the City should be funding depreciation on the simplest of capital assets–the streets–annually, as the lifecycle of asphalt is well understood and predictable, rather than resorting to 30 year bond funding for 10 year assets as was attempted last year.

And, ideally, the City should prioritize funding for permanently affordable, appropriate, housing for all at the level of subsidy that goes to the MUNI–hundreds of millions of general fund dollars per year–according to the degree of unmet need.

It is unnecessarily divisive for progressives to claim that an increment more here or there on housing versus streets, when the unmet need is so massive, would be consequential.

Marc Salomon

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