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by on February 17, 2009

To the Editor:

Supervisor Carmen Chu has not been in the City long enough to have an opinion like: “For a very long time, we’ve been working way too much in the short term. That has caused much of our problem.”

Chu was put into office by Newsom et al. to support and vote only as she is told. That is all she has done. She has never spoken one creative new idea — only parroted Newsom and his people.

Chu is not a San Franciscan, nor does she have any idea for the Sunset nor the City. To listen anything she has to say is an insult to all.

Mary Stream

To the Editor:

Maybe if San Francisco wasn’t footing the bill for all the illegal immigrants that the honorable mayor invited to the city there wouldn’t have been such a deficit and arts funding wouldn’t need to be cut.

Stephanie Fuda

To the Editor:

Here we are in “Great” California, in the “Great” Bay Area, and in the “Great” City talking about Public Transportation in millions of dollars, e.g. Prop A allocated 27 million dollars. While in the City of London very soon work will commence on the world class Crossrail, Price: 16 BILLION (with a B) pounds, about 23 Billion dollars, just for the city of London.

The Crossrail will ease the commute on Londoners and will make their life easier. And what a beautiful idea, signed by the Queen and endorsed by Ken Livingston, to stimulate the economy after the financial meltdown. Until we speak of many many BILLIONS of dollars, our public transportation
will be just a cozy house of cards.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

The Transbay Transit Center “train box” must be funded immediately, or the Transbay Joint Powers Authority will go forward with a construction plan that will waste $101 million of public money building a bus station using expensive methods designed to accommodate a future excavation of the train station underneath the bus terminal. The TJPA must make this decision within the next few months because they have to start paying the engineering firms to start the drawings so that they can be ready, on schedule, to start construction as soon as the old terminal is torn down. That will happen as soon as the temporary terminal, already under construction, is complete.

It’s not exactly shovel ready, but it\’s an immediate priority, and construction is in fact only a couple years down the road, and it will save $101 million! You don’t really think the economy will be all perfect by then, do you?

Infrastructure spending is third in stimulus benefit, behind a temporary increase in food stamp distribution and an extension of unemployment benefits. So the question shifts to whether it’s a “good” public investment or not. The downtown extension definitely is. The Oakland airport connector is not, so much. There is not enough money to do everything we want. We should not completely abandon infrastructure investments to support services. So making strategic infrastructure investments — very strategic and smart investments — is smart policy.

Dave Snyder
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I recently read Tennessee Williams’ memoirs, and either Joe Besecker or Lee Hartgrave got it wrong about Williams’ sister having him committed to a mental hospital. According to the article on Williams in Wikipedia:

“Tennessee was close to his sister Rose, a slim beauty who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age. As was common then, Rose was institutionalized and spent most of her adult life in mental hospitals. When therapies were unsuccessful, she showed more paranoid tendencies. In an effort to treat her, Rose’s parents authorized a prefrontal lobotomy, a drastic treatment that was thought to help some mental patients who suffered extreme agitation. Performed in 1937 in Knoxville, Tennessee, the operation incapacitated Rose for the rest of her life. Williams never forgave his parents.”

Williams did voluntarily enter an alcoholism treatment program later in life, but his sister was in no position to turn around and commit him to an institution.

Bill Hamilton

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