California Buck a pack increase tax is HYPOCRISY…

by on June 5, 2012

I believe it is high-time to declare WAR on the Tobacco Lobby!
Cigarettes(Tobacco products) = Death and Taxes! It’s time to ban all
tobacco products. The “tobacco Lobby” is worst then the “Military
Industrial Complex Lobby!”
Tobacco kills thousands weekly and is the biggest legally licensed
killer there is! Thousands are legally killed weekly, and everyday
new smokers become future cancer
and health victims. It’s time to stop the hypocrisy and now is the
right-time to make Pot legal. By doing that, local and federal police
officers would be available to find the real crooks who belong in jail.
Pot smokers are not crooks, and are not likely not to have health
problems as tobacco users face. I’m sure if POT is taxed like liquor
or Tobacco, local & Federal taxes could bring down
the debt crisis and make a lot more people happy in doing so.

Jerry Pritikin/ Chicago

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