Bush Impeachment, SF Cop Salaries…

by on July 5, 2007

Dear Paul,

I read with interest your recent article in BEYONDCHRON about Bush’s reelection. Bush was not reelected, but elected for the first time. In his first term, remember the Florida Fiasco? Basically the issue went to court, & Bush was Court appointed, not elected, so I feel using the term reelected is incorrect.

I am not a Bush fan, & totally disagree with everything he stands for, especially in his commutation of the recent prison term for Libby!

Joe DeBenedictis
Colonia, NJ


I too was disgusted with Bush’s reelection, though I believe that he stole the presidency in both his election and reelection. Re potential impeachment, it is the Democratic Party that’s the problem. Even before the election, Nancy Pelosi said that impeachment was “off the table.” With a sellout attitude like that, which is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Pelosi, it’s no wonder this administration does whatever provides it and its friends with more money and power, at the expense of the Earth and everyone else on it.

Progressives need to leave the Democrats and either join the Green Party or start another one. The Democrats are almost as bad as the Republicans on almost every significant issue, and progressive support of them just makes things worse. (And forget the progressive caucus, it’s less than 10% of the party and has no power. What matters is the party leadership, because the vast majority of the party does what it what the leadership wants, and the leadership is totally pro-corporate and pro-status quo. It is in fact the members of the progressive caucus that need to switch to a more progressive party.)

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco

If we are in need of more police why are 300-400 cops lined up like birds of prey around the civic center library on all sides during the recent anti-war rally. Some were also lined up by the by the Muni elevator down the street from the Market St. Orpheum Theatre as well. As I passed and mentioned these guys were getting overtime pay, one of the cops replied by saying, ” Yes, thanks for the paying for my salary.”

Denise D’Anne
San Francisco

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