Bush and the Recession; How Low Will They Go? …

by on September 11, 2008

To the Editor:

George W. Bush still refuses to utter the word “recession” in the remaining days of his Administration. The unemployment rate for August reached 6.1%, an all time high in 5 years. The sobering reality of the recession could be seen in front of the Starbucks store on O’Farrell Street in downtown San Francisco on the afternoon of September 9th.

Located next to the posh Hotel Nikko, the Starbucks store drew a stream of job applicants that lined up to 1/3 of a block of O’Farrell St. (Both the Hotel Nikko and Starbucks border the less-than-posh “Tenderloin” District of San Francisco, and the homeless, pandhandlers begging for money, and several disheveleved and hungry looking veterans could be visible, separated from the tourists, the conventioneers, and local San Franciscans.)

I spoke with the District Manager for Starbucks, a very pleasant and outgoing woman, who had been accepting the employment applications and who, along with the managers from 5 Starbucks stores, had interviewed all the applicants.

The District Manager told me that she had received 80 applications for the position of barister. The pay is minimum wage, plus tips. She said that of the 80 applicants, approximately half would be invited back for a second interview.

A worker at the O’Farrell Starbucks store said that Starbucks would continue accepting applications the next day at the same location.

One wonders, if President Bush were to meet any of the job applicants at the Starbucks store, or the homeless and beggars nearby, would he finally be able to acknowledge the word, “recession”?

Anh Le
San Francisco

Dear Editor,

While watching CNN tonight I was shocked to hear that the comments of “political analyst” Chuck Norris were being seriously aired in a discussion with Larry King. WTF? Are these people kidding me? He was discussing the controversy over the “lipstick on a pig” comment. Chuck Norris? How low can the Republican machine go?

Donna Linden
San Francisco, Ca

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