Budget Fat at City Hall …

by on February 18, 2009

To The Editor:

There are also 10 full-time people working in the Bicycle Program in MTA.
Hard to believe that that’s justified. How much does that cost? And, for
that matter, what do they all do all day?

Rob Anderson

To The Editor:

The real question is why is anything off limits? How can anything be off
limits when politicians and their staffs and government employees of every
job description are PROTECTED species? This goes for local, state and
federal employees in my opinion. Everyone should be considered for wage
and benefit cuts, and where necessary work furloughs.

I concur that Mayor Newsom appears to be as arrogant and thoughtless as
his predecessor, Willie Brown, and even more irresponsible because of his
focus and attention to the race for Governor in 2010. I think he\’s acted
unconscionably and unethically most of his Mayoralty, and without few
achievements as Mayor, while his \”eye has been on the prize\” every day
of his second term jetting around the state, nation and world eating up
city funds and getting paid to be Mayor, not a candidate for higher

In Sacramento and Washington, DC, we\’re treated as a nuisance while
elected representatives, lobbyists and political operatives get rich as
they conspire to pass legislation and award contracts that enrich them and
extend their careers. The greed and self seeking that dominates this
country emanates and is made acceptable by these greedy, self seeking
bastards that WE hire and pay.

A long time ago, Marie Antoinette supposedly said, \”let them eat cake\”,
and she lost her head because the people had endured enough at the hands
of these rapacious thieves. I hope the electorate comes to their senses
and throws the bums out, all of them.

Stu Smith
420 Berry Street # 421
San Francisco, CA 94158

To The Editor:

totally agree with this article and believe we need to eliminate these
top paying positions that are duplicative. I do have one suggestion for a
fee increase and that is for the small business license. We only pay $25 a
year and as the owner of one small business and the co-owner of another, we
could jump to $50 without difficulty. Plus, one of the requirements to move
into most of the live/work buildings is to have a small business license.
It is really a wink and an nod as no one has asked to see our licenses in
the three years we have lived in a 48 unit live/work b building. Only
three other units actually run a small business out of the building. The
rest of the tenants just got their business licenses along with turning on
the electricity and other things one does when one moves in.
I hope that part of the plan for gross receipts for businesses has a floor
amount. My husband has a video production business that grosses between 80
– 100 thousand a year but only nets about half that. Paying $1,000 a year
(1% of 100K) would be $1,000, which is a lot on top of the self employment
tax and income tax.

Helynna Brooke

To The Editor:

My favorite City position, now again open, is the $60k+ per year MTA slot
to “coordinate public address announcements in the Muni Metro” subway.
Experience, beleive it or not, is required. “Patrons, zzzhitxzcbl, zasufulitr, rebit” – hard to imagine that sort of thing could be done without lots of experienced, professional coordination.

David Grant

To The Editor:

I wish the City actually had a Department of Climate Change, but that’s
not the case. The Department of the Environment has one Climate
Coordinator, not a department. And although it\’s great that the federal
government is now paying attention to climate change, we\’ll never head
off the catastrophic effects without a major local, state AND federal
effort. The changes that are needed to reduce the impact of climate change
(it’s impossible to stop climate change – we’ve past that stage – the
best we can do is prevent the more catastrophic impacts) cannot succeed
without local and state participation.

Sustainability efforts at the school district help the district
financially. Increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste bills, etc.
result in net savings to the School District. The funds used for the
sustainability position cannot go to the School District directly, since
they are tied to environmental projects. None of the funds for the
sustainability position come from the City’s General Fund.

David Assmann
Acting Director
Department of the Environment

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