Bruce Raynor Resigns from UNITE HERE

by Randy Shaw on May 29, 2009

Bruce Raynor, who had been widely criticized for using his presidency of UNITE HERE to undermine the union, has finally resigned. The following is new Unite Here President’s John Wilhelm’s statement on Raynor’s resignation …

Statement of John Wilhelm, UNITE HERE President, on Resignation of Bruce Raynor

It is good news for all of UNITE HERE that Bruce Raynor has resigned from the union one day ahead of his internal union trial for promoting the breakup of the very union he was sworn to defend.

His departure removes an important, though not the only, barrier to returning our Union to the vital work that it does for hundreds of thousands of workers. We have important contracts to negotiate, organizing drives to conduct and we now must rebuild our international union headquarters operation.

While we recognize the good news of his resignation, we are under no illusion that SEIU and Raynor have given up their quest to steal UNITE HERE’s hotel, gaming, and food service jurisdictions.

Indeed, Raynor’s resignation letter makes clear that he intends to continue his fight, and he will do so under Andy Stern’s control inside SEIU.

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