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by on May 12, 2010

To the Editor:

The bigotry behind law SB1070 is what people with common sense are taking issue with and that Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona government is in denial that there is any bigotry involved. This has as much latent bigotry as the Cherokee removal out of Georgia to Oklahoma in 1830’s epic Trail of Tears, because every argument for the law surprising is where the popularity of speaking who the act targets from supporters of the law against its target- that being illegal Mexicans- have been attacked with a volley of hate since and to which this law is supposedly the answer.

If a bad law like this can be made by a Governor for people who are of Mexican decent today, then one can be made for Irish in Massachusetts tomorrow; or African-American next in Florida; even for Jews in New York; or for Chinese in California; or for Italians in New Jersey. It’s the beginning of boldly going after people with use of the law by race.

Governor Jan Brewer should repeal this law and allow President Obama to work on the matter which takes more thinking and less draconian restrictions than she feels personally allowable by our Constitution. That Governor Jan Brewer has become stubborn is why nationally and internationally the economy in Arizona will continue to suffer from a necessary boycott which America feels desperately is needed to counter the hard line Governor Jan Brewer has taken in regards to leaving SB1070 law on the books in Arizona.

That is not America’s way of doing law. That is the way Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany did business, that being blame a race of people for the lack of your leadership to govern those who reside under your roof amicably. It would have been a better solution if Hitler had personally moved out of Germany and lived in a tranquil place of his choosing rather than to stir up his population to war against America in WW II, and it would be a simple solution if Brewer moves to another area where she is feeling happy again rather than trying to stay sad and bring economic unhappiness to Arizona.

Is this what fellow party Republicans really want from all this chaos of disagreement of law SB1070 law? Loss of important tourist revenue?

The analogy I use is like if people were stranded at sea together in a rubber lifeboat. In the lifeboat are about 100 people. 50 percent do not like the other 50 percent in the boat with them and so they say to that 50 percent they do not like, “If you don’t get out of this lifeboat then we’re going to punch a hole in it?” That is what Governor Jan Brewer has in essence said, except with taking it to the final step and punching the whole in the lifeboat. Then her supporters seeing that their lifeboat is sinking are saying to everyone as though we are too to stupid to see why the lifeboat is sinking, “you see people, you being in the lifeboat too and you wouldn’t leave so now look at us all sink? It’s your fault!” Sure, you’re punching a hole in the rubber lifeboat had nothing to do with it sinking, it was the fact that they stayed in the lifeboat with you making you act like a ding bat that caused the hole? Absurd.

Phyllis Freedman
Boston, MA

To the Editor:

Newly elected SEIU President Mary Kay Henry is now facing a tremendous pressure to clean the “dirty” SEIU house. SEIU members are watching. She should remove Bruce Raynor from leadership position immediately in order that SEIU union members will restore faith with their union, and will believe her, as a true reformer. Her inaction will be considered as a continuation of corrupt unionism.

Raynor’s affiliation with SEIU has proven to be a disaster. Additionally, If Ms. Henry fails to make amends with NUHW, fails to make peace with UNITE‑HERE, and fails to negotiate a fair contract with the Union of Union Representatives (UUR), the union of SEIU employees, without retaliation, before the Year 2012 SEIU National Convention, her presidency will be short‑lived. My advise is for Ms. Henry to act now. She has only less that two years to regain support from members.

Andres Bonifacio
San Francisco

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