“Black History Has Not Motivated Whites/Brain Dead Legislation”

by on February 2, 2006

Dear Editor

Like the stupid liberal fixation on guns, the anti-liquor store legislation attempts to let the real culprits, the individual criminals, off the hook by blaming an industry for their criminality. Now a liquor store owner is supposed to be a policeman and enforce the losing war on drugs too ! The ultimate effect of such a law will be to force many stores out of business and allow the remaining ones to charge monopoly prices. Par the course for “progressive” legislation. District elections have again proven to be a disaster in San Francisco and elsewhere by letting fringe special interests ride roughshod over the rights of everyone else.

Michael Hardesty
Oakland, CA

Mr. Shaw:

Before I begin I need to inform you of my family and personal history, other wise you would reject what I’m about to tell you out of hand, and you may choose to still do so as is your privilege.

My Mother was a FBI (Full Blood Indian, Cherokee to be exact) my Father was a mutt, White of many different linages and also a Chickasaw Grandmother. So I’m more Indian than white, and I’ve faced the discrimination to prove it. Back in 1963 my family and I marched from Chattanooga TN to Birmingham AL with the Freedom Marchers. We were pelted with stones, manure, vegetables, and eggs. The names we were called I am not allowed to repeat, but I’m sure you can imagine. My family though red not black were members of the NAACP because back then they represented all people of color. When we returned home we received a visit from the local pointy headed crowd with their burning cross. Being young and dumb I grabbed my trusty old shotgun and snuck around the side of the house. It was a hot Georgia evening and those sheets looked hot. Being a Christian young man I though I could add some air holes and help those folks be a little cooler, so I aimed my shotgun and just as I pulled the trigger my gun was thrust skyward and I was knocked on my butt. It was my Father and he was madder than I’ve ever seen him. He said if I’d hurt any of the white boys my family would have been burned out at best and he and I would have likely been hanged. I admittedly hadn’t thought that far ahead. However when my Shotgun went off the pointy headed crowd remembered somewhere else they needed to be and left real quickly, some of them even shed their sheets, and some of the sheets were stained yellow in front at about waist level.

From that day to this one I have tracked hate organizations primarily in the US but also world wide. My information has been shared with the FBI, US Marshal Service, ATF, and rarely with local law enforcement, since a lot of them were members of the pointy headed crowd while I was growing up. I am a wounded disabled Vietnam Vet who carries around enough metal in my now rather large butt to set off airport metal detectors. After studying hate groups and nearly being killed it is little wonder that I chose to go into the Christian Ministry. I always point out that I’m the dullest tool in GOD’S Tool Shed and he just uses me to Glorify himself, because anyone who knows me can tell that anything done well has to be GOD because I am truly inept.

With all that background, I come to the meat of my message to you. It would probably shock you to know that the NAACP is now on my list of hate groups, along with the nearly defunct KKK, Aryan Nation, Church of the Creator, Citizens Militia, National Alliance, SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and ADL. The reason for the NAACP’s inclusion is simple, historically the greatest civil rights organization in the world quit caring about the people they are supposed to represent, and started attacking the symbols of the Confederacy. Nothing could possibly stir up more anger and racial hostility than to attack someone’s ancestors, and don’t think for a second Julian Bond didn’t know that when he started his crusade against all things Confederate during 1991. The real reason was the loss of members and contributions being suffered by the NAACP. Sure enough it worked. It is interesting to note that prior to 1992 civil rights and opportunities for minorities were at an all time best. Race relations in the South were the best I’ve even seen. But by attacking Southern History and the Confederacy it has caused the White people to resent Blacks and yes brought on a new round of conflicts. The saddest part of this is this generation of Young People could have been the first to share their peaceful lives with each other. Now they are in conflict about whether a Confederate Flag on a shirt is a racist symbol or a just pride in ones ancestors.

As I stated earlier I’m not the brightest star in the sky, but I do have a lot of common sense. When the NAACP was fighting and achieving Voting rights, equal pay, fair housing, integration of schools the benefit to the Black People was clear. It was a matter of quality of life. Now if every symbol that the Confederacy ceased to exist in the blink of an eye, name one Black Person whose life would be improved? Please don’t insult my limited intelligence by saying it would make people feel better, so does an enema but we don’t go around administering them to everyone with a frow on their face. There is no financial or quality of life issue involved, instead it is a way for those who make money off racial conflict to keep drawing those huge salaries. As long as Black and White people are at each others throats the more important issues the NAACP would historically have acted upon, such as teen pregnancy, Black on Black crime, Drug Use, the Break Down of the Black Family Unit, are being ignored because those worthy causes aren’t as important as sticking it to whitey.

For the record the State of Georgia is requiring a picture ID to vote, but the Photo ID’s are provided free of charge. They aren’t charging money to vote as your article implied. Back in the late 1980’s the Black Legislative Caucus of the Georgia House and Senate wanted a state holiday to honor Dr. King. GA couldn’t afford another holiday so the BLC approached the GA Son’s of Confederate Veterans and asked if they would surrender one of the three Confederate Holidays Georgia Currently recognized The GA SCV voted and more than 80% of its membership voted to surrender a holiday so that Dr. King might be honored. If that vote were taken today it wouldn’t get 2% of the membership’s support, and you wonder why there is no progress in race relations?

Sorry about the length of this message, I promise you have read it 20 times faster than I type.

GOD Bless,

Rev. Dr. William H. Swann

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