BeyondChron Turns Seven

by on April 6, 2011

To the Editor:

Randy and Paul:Congrats on making Beyond Chron a daily must read, especially in SF, but also across the nation. I can\’t tell you how many of my friends and colleagues read you! How many – what\’s the word, hits? – are you up to now. People ask me what I think of BeyondChron, and if they should trust it/you. I always tell them yes, and why. Incorruptible, incisive, analytic, and visionary. OK, OK – I know that neither of you lack for confidence, but that\’s what I think, and tell people. I know how difficult it is to grind out pieces on a regular basis, but you do it. Please keep it up – I/we count on and appreciate it. And congrats on the recent Mid-Market win – you all drove that victory.

Buck Bagot
San Francisco, CA

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