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by on January 7, 2008


Barack Obama represents significant change about as much as Clinton does. Regardless of the fact that Clinton is the favorite of corporate America, Obama is a close second and would certainly be acceptable to these people. Obama’s foreign policy advisors are all military-industrial complex people, he refuses to commit to removing all U.S. troops from Iraq, and even supports building U.S. military bases there. He is NOT a progressive, and all we’ll get if he’s elected is more of the same.

Right wing Democrats like Clinton and Obama (and to a lesser extent, Edwards) fool people into thinking that they will change things in a progressive way. Instead, they offer minor social changes while continuing corporate rule over the planet. Real change would have been represented by a strong showing by Dennis Kucinich; a first place finish by even John Edwards would have been a vote for some change. But a vote for Obama is a vote for business as usual, despite what the fools who vote for him think.

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco

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