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More Reviews From Cinequest 2018

Posted March 15, 2018 by

Can a family be re-built when literal decades have been spent undermining its existence?  That dilemma is at the center of Tasha Hubbard’s frequently moving documentary “Birth of a Family.” The force undermining the documentary subjects’ family happens to be
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New Reviews From Cinequest 2018

Posted March 6, 2018 by

“The Sopranos” may be cited as the closest American analog to Peter Bebjak’s Cinequest offering “The Line.”  Yet this Ukrainian/Slovakian drama/comedy/thriller entertainingly mixes in everything from international politics to subtly rebuking the “crime as a moral deficiency” mentality. Central character
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Second Indie Fest Review

Posted February 8, 2018 by

More Reviews From The 20th San Francisco Independent Film Festival One reason for cherishing the San Francisco Independent Film Festival (hereafter “IndieFest”) is its commitment to prioritize films with unique or unconventional points of view over those that are easy
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“Memories Of Underdevelopment”—Review

Posted January 25, 2018 by

The Bay Area theatrical premiere of Tomas Gutierrez Alea’s classic of Cuban cinema “Memories of Underdevelopment” makes a very opportune arrival.  Admittedly, in the fifty years since Alea’s film was completed in 1968, various Bay Area venues have screened the
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“The Final Year”—Review

Posted January 18, 2018 by

Greg Barker’s political behind-the-scenes documentary “The Final Year” leaves an ambivalent aftertaste.  Primary subjects John Kerry, Samantha Power, and Ben Rhodes show more diplomatic talent in their little toes than the minimal competence displayed in their successors’ entire bodies.  Yet
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The Best Films Of 2017

Posted January 3, 2018 by

2017 may have been the year a sociopathic vaginal assaulter assumed America’s highest political office.  But it was also a year that saw Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman spectacularly thrash German soldiers, Charlize Theron’s Lorraine Broughton take down East German cops,
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