Assemblyman Leno Responds To Governor’s Veto Of Marriage Equality Bill

by Randy Shaw on September 30, 2005

Assemblyman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) made the following statement in response to the Governor’s veto of AB 849, the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act:

“In vetoing this bill approved by duly elected representatives of the people, the Governor has failed his test of leadership and missed a historic opportunity to stand up for the basic civil rights of all Californians. He cannot claim to support fair and equal treatment of gay people and veto the very bill that would have provided it to them. While we are extremely disappointed, we have not lost faith, and our struggle continues.

We will not give up until our relationships and families are treated as first class, just like everyone else. This action puts the Governor on the wrong side of history, in the company of others who have opposed equal protection for all citizens. Let this veto be our inspiration to share the fact of our love, our families and our children with all of California. We will continue to fight until our relationships are treated equally and we gain access to the rights and responsibilities of marriage, so that we may create loving, committed, stable homes for ourselves and our children. We will overcome this veto. We will reach our goal of equality and fairness for all Californians and their families despite Arnold Schwarzenegger. Liberty and justice will prevail despite the Governor’s lack of leadership.”

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