Art Show Honors Mother’s Day at SPACE236

by Barry Lai on May 3, 2016

If you are looking for a unique art gift for Mother’s Day, check out the new show at SPACE236 at 236 Leavenworth Street.

Titled, “MORE ALIKE THAN WE ARE MANIFEST,” the show portrays the journeys of Umar, Cesar, and Milton – better known as Tailored Heritage.  Deeply-rooted in family values, their journey has been filled with joy, tribulations, and important lessons based around progression. Their constant hardships are overcome with the support of those closest to them, their family.

Follow the narratives of these first-generation Americans and the sacrifices their ancestors made in hopes of finding opportunity.

In celebration of this upcoming Mother’s Day, come and view the portraits of their mothers, vintage family artifacts and intimate setting and cuisine shots.  See how we are all more alike than we are different.


The mission of SPACE 236 is promote Tenderloin and other urban artists by showcasing the creatives and individuals in our community with a visionary message. As San Francisco undergoes its constant evolution, SPACE236 aims to capture the nostalgia and charm by way of its artists and their stories through various mediums of artwork.

Our displaying artists share personal experiences in San Francisco and work hand in glove with myself as gallery curator to tune their show concept. Displayed artwork will range from paintings, illustration, photography, as well as sculptures. We aim to have a rotation of six themed exhibits, with multiple artists per exhibit throughout the year. All artwork will be publicly listed for sale and will be displayed for two months at a time.

The story of SPACE 235 and photos of the Mother’s Day show can be seen by clicking the exhibit title above.

The gallery is open Tue-Sat 11-5pm and by appointment.

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