Arnold Ditches Budget Talks for Idaho … AGAIN!

by Paul Hogarth on February 10, 2009

Are the ski slopes of Idaho so great that Governor Schwarzenegger has to visit them twice in six weeks? Or does he only feel the urge to do so when the state budget is in crisis – as a convenient way to escape responsibility? Yesterday, sources in Sacramento report that Arnold is on another Idaho vacation – despite the state being forced to start issuing I.O.U.’s, state employees being laid off, unemployment insurance money running out, and the state’s finances reduced to junk bond status. Arnold is skipping out on negotiations of the “Big Five” (Governor + Democratic and Republican leaders of each chamber) that would craft a mid-year budget – leaving the legislature hanging dry. Senate President Darrell Steinberg plans to have a budget vote this week, but also reports that no deal has been crafted yet – making Arnold’s sudden departure even more baffling. Why did the SF Chronicle attack Assembly Speaker Karen Bass for “leaving town” during a “budget mess” in November, but now the Governor has left for Idaho on two occasions – with not a word of criticism from the media?

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