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by on May 19, 2011

To the Editor:

The hypocrisy here is that it takes two to tango. Everyone is focusing on Arnold. I asked my own wife of 25 years about this. She said “the housekeeper loved him.” My laughter soon disarmed her and we both laughed at it. The media as usual chases the spotlight and misses the story. The housekeeper was married as well, and lied to her husband. The male of the species has no monopoly on dishonesty or deceit. If you want credibility with thinking individuals, you should admit that irrefutable reality. Instead you just preach to the feminist choir, and get drowned out by realists.

Dave Thomas
Los Angeles

To the Editor:

Arnold was elected by the people and he did as the majority of people expected him to do. So even if he personally did mistakes, does not mean that the people would have wanted him to approve similar actions or gay marriage.

Andrey P.
Gaithersburg, MD

To the Editor:

That picture of a grafitti covered box was not even taken in the United States, much less not taken in a city like San Francisco. There are a lot of ugly pictures from 3rd world places I could send you that have nothing to do with normal life for us here. The US, and SF has fallen far behind in communication technology. The old cable TV from the 1960s is so outdated. Many countries have had fibre to the home for years. Why spend the money to buy a FULL HD TV when what Comcast delivers to us over its old metal cable is COMPRESSED HD that loses a lot of the HD quality. How can SF compete for Technology companies when we are falling so far behind in Internet speed compared to other places?

Mike Shaughnessy
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Randy Shaw complains about increased deportations of undocumented immigrants, but individuals who knowingly break a law cannot reasonably complain when that law is enforced. As the father of a legally adopted son born in the Dominican Republic, I obviously favor controlled immigration. However, one problem with massive illegal immigration to the U.S. is that it harms the home countries of the immigrants. For example, remittances sent home by immigrants is seldom taxed. This means that the home government has less revenue to support education, health and welfare programs. Unfortunately, Obama’s immigration program does not provide substantial financial, technical, and humanitarian aid to our Latin neighbors so that they do not become “failed states.” Focusing on the plight of illegal immigrants to the U.S. does not address the immediate needs of Latin American countries nor our own long-term welfare.

Robert Gable
Berkeley, CA

To the Editor:

It’s nice to have the SF Chronicle’s bias against a more democratic electoral process so well documented, and their resolute denials are disappointing. There have also been numerous attacks on district elections in the Chronicle. Chronicle articles frequently made Chris Daly the poster child for repealing district elections, characterizing him as an extremist typical of district-elected supervisors. Before district elections, candidates needed a lot more money, so downtown interests and the wealthy elites exercised disproportionate influence. It’s clear that that is the kind of political system the Chronicle would prefer to return to.

Steve Solnit
Berkeley, CA

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