An Experiment in Energy: Part Two

by Natalie Grigson on March 21, 2013


In my last post, we talked a lot about energy, subatomic particles, and the oneness of all of the universe. Yeah, it was pretty awesome, you should check it out. Today I’m going to talk a bit more about how the energy of the objects surrounding us really affects our lives.

We’re all aware, consciously or subconsciously, of how the things around us affect our moods. But did you ever think about how they could also affect your health? Your creativity? Your life overall? If everything is energy, including the physical health of your body, this only makes sense.

Personally, I’ve always been something of an interior design/HGTV addict. From a very young age, when I first painted (a.k.a. made my parents paint) my bedroom walls and rearrange the furniture; I recognized the importance of creating a space that made me feel good, creative, and inspired. I didn’t realize I was working with energy then; but now that I know I make it a point to surround myself at all times with things that are positive for me.

So here’s what I’m experimenting with today. In a lecture I recently listened to by Wayne Dyer, he discusses the importance of object energy. He tells a story about how one day he came home to find the house practically shaking with the sounds of his son’s music—some hip hop something or other all about guns, hoes, pimpin’, etc. (Crazy kids and their music…)

Anyway, he tells his son to turn off the music and get the CD, put it in its case, and hold the CD next to his heart. While his son is holding the CD close to his own heart, Wayne tells him that he is going to push on his arm and that he should resist it with all his might. Wayne pushes, his son, a strong teenager at the time, can’t resist his father’s push.


In the next phase of his little experiment, Wayne asks his son to hold an organic banana up to his own heart, and again, he pushes on his arm. Not only does his son resist his push, but he practically sends his old man flying backward.

Because things are energy too.

Dr. Dyer’s story inspired me to try an experiment of my own. No, I’m not carrying around an old banana with me everywhere I go; but I am carrying around a very small, pocket-sized book: The Tao Te Ching. This book, widely recognized as one of the most influential and positive books in the world, comes with me everywhere I go now. It usually lives in the bottom of my purse; if I’m at the gym, it’s in my gym bag. Sure, it is getting a little bent up and probably doesn’t smell so great anymore, but the point of the experiment is to surround yourself with the things that inspire you, from the photos you choose for your desk and the art you hang on the walls, to the little things you carry in your purse or pockets.

So how is my experiment going so far? I started carrying around my Mini Tao about a month and a half ago (from the time I’m writing this.) Within this time I’ve begun writing these lovely posts for BeyondChron, I am preparing to move across the country (sorry folks, I started out writing in Austin, but I’m on my way to your fair city!), and I’ve had the opportunity to reconnect with some friends on a wonderful vacation. In fact, I’m writing this post well ahead of time, so who knows what magic will have happened by the time this goes up!

Is this necessarily because I have a book in my purse? Of course not. But I am of the belief that anything and everything is possible. So maybe it’s the book, maybe it’s a change in attitude, maybe it’s just that like attracts like, and when one magical thing happens, generally one or five more will follow. Whatever it is, it’s all the same. It’s all energy.

So why not carry around something positive?

As always, I want to hear your feedback! How do you surround yourself with positive energy? What are your thoughts on energy in general—bogus “hippie talk,” or something more? Send Us Feedback below!

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