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by on July 31, 2008

Dear Paul,

Thanks for your excellent article on the pro-immigrant and youth rally that was organized yesterday at city hall. I was one of the many organizers of the event and very much appreciate that you came out to attend and cover the event. I also am encouraged that your venue is providing a much needed alternative to the Chronicle which appears to want to syndicate Fox News instead of being a respectable news venue for the city. In fact, they failed to cover the rally completely and instead jumped to cover the 20 person Minuteman fringe group rally.

Please keep up the good work. You have my full support.

Best wishes,

Angela Chan
Asian Law Caucus
San Francisco

Dear Sirs,

I’m all for allowing immigrants to come work in San Francisco and make a better life for themselves. I have hired many of them and they are telling me that more and more thugs are coming to San Francisco because of the lenient laws against criminal immigrants. They also tell me that the Hispanic community is petrified of the gangbangers because if they report them to SFPD, they risk reprisals against them, or their families.

If you look at statistics on crimes by immigrants within the last 10 years, the numbers have sky rocketed in San Francisco. For the life of me, I will never figure out the logic in not deporting immigrants with felonies. It’s not about following Federal law and turning in all immigrants, it’s about using a little common sense and deporting the bad apples.

Please help me better understand your point of view because it is very confusing to me.

Nick Zegarra
San Francisco Resident

What don’t you understand about illegal? If you are here illegally, you should be deported. We are tired of hearing OBL and businesses who only want cheap labor, and people who think that citizens of the United States should accept the law brakes that kill us, then want us to feel compassionate towards them. They are taking jobs that Americans will do, and using our hospitals and schools. And any other free government program that they can get. While the citizens pay the price.

Robert Konan

To Paul Hogarth:

Re: Airline Service Deteriorating

Your closing line is “at the rate things are going, it’s simply unsustainable.” Unsustainable? What’s unsustainable is the staggering amount of air travel that’s going on. I’d be interested to read how many people are up in the air at any point in time. I’d also be interested to read about the damage to the atmosphere, the amount of pollution, the consumption of fuel, the longrange effect on airplane staffers’ (pilots and attendants) health from overexposure to “cabin” conditions, etc.

Talk about abuse of power!

Deetje Boler
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Paul Hogarth’s column complaining about airline service was a perfect example of Phil Gramm’s American whiners, though not for the reason that Gramm stated. Higher gasoline and airline prices, along with worsening airline service, are good things, because they are causing fewer people to drive and fly, which will reduce environmental harms done by these activities, including global warming.

Americans can cry all they want, but the average global price for gasoline is about $8/gallon, and only about 8% of people on Earth own cars. Even fewer people than that fly. Moreover, the vast majority of business flights are absolutely needless, as they can be easily and more cheaply teleconferenced or video conferenced.

So when you whine about “high” gas or airline prices or poor airline service, keep in mind that these activities are very environmentally harmful and that most people on the planet do not engage in these activities.

Jeff Hoffman
San Francisco

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