AFSCME Attacks on Ed Lee; More on State of Black San Francisco …

by on October 24, 2011

To the Editor:

Some of us public employees would like to know exactly which part or parts or local of AFSMCE, a large union with units in counties all across America, are the ones you are talking about. Names please.

Daniel Dixon
Madison, WI

To the Editor:

In his coverage of the State of Black San Francisco panel Jonathan Nathan wrote: “[Malik] Looper also discussed redevelopment. He acknowledged that it’s a hot-button political issue, but argued in favor of it. ‘Anywhere there are black people, anywhere there are poor people, that’s where redevelopment [should be],’ he said.”

Huh?! I was asked to comment on the opportunities and challenges for African American residents with the “Bayview Redevelopment Project.” I focused my comments on where redevelopment is occurring NOT “where redevelopment [should be]”.

Malik Looper
San Francisco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beyond Chron has since removed that quote from the article. We regret the error.

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