Affordable Housing Fund Passes House with Anti-Voter Provision

by National Coalition for Low-Income Housing on November 1, 2005

(Ed Note: Here is an update from the NLIHC on the fate of the federal affordable housing bill and its destructive and unprecedented anti-voter provision)

As you may know, H.R.1461 passed in the House last Wednesday. The bill includes the Affordable Housing Fund, which would build and preserve housing for the lowest income people. Sadly, this measure was hijacked in the end by members of the ultra-conservative Republican Study Committee (RSC), who insisted on including anti-voter language and language limiting lawful lobbying by nonprofits in the bill as a condition of its passage.

While the push to take out the anti-voter language on the floor of the house unfortunately failed, the action on the floor of the House on Wednesday was intense and gave much-needed debate to the issues of affordable housing and voting rights.

The manager’s amendment-which contained the anti-voter language-was accepted by a vote of just 210-205, with 13 Republicans crossing party lines to vote to stop the language. The latter vote, a vote on a motion to recommit the bill and remove the language, was defeated by a vote of 220-200.

These votes were close only because of a most impressive and enormous attempt by you and other advocates to urge Congress to do the right thing and remove the anti-voter language. Our records show that nearly 500 of you made calls on Wednesday alone, with another 500 calls made in the week leading up to the vote. Thank you for your incredible action on this important issue. We will continue the fight to get more affordable housing and to preserve the democratic rights of people who live in this housing.

We will be in touch soon regarding further action to take. For now, be sure to contact your local media and your Member of Congress to express your outrage that these anti-voter restrictions were included in the legislation


More information is available at, including an editorial by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Dislodging Obstacles to Affordable Housing,” and the press statement issued by NLIHC. Details on Wednesday’s debate are also available at

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