ACORN and the Future of Organizing; Adventures in Maine; Atheist Campaign on Muni …

by on October 6, 2009


As always, thoughtful, savvy and – dare I use the term – visionary analysis. After I catch on the cities in which I am engaged in “field” mobilization on federal Congressional advoacy campaigns – Honolulu, Detroit, KC, St. L, Minneapolis, Buffalo, LA – I read Beyond Chron. Consistently great and useful stuff for advocates, activists and organizers.

Buck Bagot
San Francisco

To the Editor:

What about Working America – the AFL-CIO’s community affiliate? They had something like 28 offices up and running nationwide during the last election cycle, with many young organizers canvassing swing voters to educate them about the candidates’ positions on key economic issues …

Rachele Huennekens, Rachele
SEIU Local 1877

To the Editor:

I agree. The right wing has targeted ACORN from the start. It becomes more clear with each passing day that the corporate mind dictates our domestic and foreign policy. And ACORN in a very big way was dismantling this these policies ever so slowly playing its part with other grassroots groups. What could be more threatening to the ruling class then organizing the poor and working class … If I were a rich man, I can think of nothing else quite so frighting.

Wage Peace
Gabe Falsetta

Dear Paul:

Thanks for helping … I think people from Maine like myself also just need to continue to mobilize their friends and family and ask directly. That will be a big help too.

Chris Atwood

To the Editor:

Great article on the “No on 1” campaign! If you want to look at college campuses in a future one, the University of Maine at Farmington has definitely been mobilized and would be a great place to visit. We have a big group of students who have been phone-banking at least once a week since the beginning of February!

Jordan Cook

To the Editor:

Atheist billboards are a start, but not sufficient. Religious dogmatists go to it physically. Yesterday October 4th, many religious fanatics were standing along Park Presidio at Geary showing signs, to motorists, against abortion. Free thinkers have to do the same otherwise the battle will lean in favor of the fanatics.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

If this Muni ad campaign keeps up taking God out of our lives and country, it is possible we are headed to doom. Our country was set up arround God — we became the power nation most desired to live in the world. Keep taking God out it is possible we will be no more than another Russia.

Franklin Taylor

To the Editor:

There are no atheists on MUNI.

Anthony Faber
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Wonderful story! It is a sad statement that even the most ‘progressive’ of politicians in America (and a so-called ‘civil rights lawyer’ to boot!) still, apologetically, admits his ONLY reason for denying one class of citizens a ‘fundamental’ civil right is RELIGION. See Untangling Barack Obama’s audacious mumbo jumbo at


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