Aaron Peskin & America’s Cup; The Decline of Conservatives …

by on February 29, 2012

To the Editor:

We get the Chron here in Pacifica. We read the Chron narrative concerning the attempt by the regatta oligarchs to purchase the prime property piers referenced in the publication. We were quite pleased to learn that Harvey Peskin’s son had done the right thing that required the city to do an EIR. CEQA cannot be suspended for political reasons regardless of the political fallout associated with its implementation.

Bob Pilgrim
Pacifica, CA

To the Editor:

What a bunch of baloney. Polls still show conservatives sitting at 40%, moderates at 36% and liberals at 23%. That has not changed much at all. Of course I know this news site comes out of San Francisco, but c’mon, you guys are out of it. Obama’s achievements are a matter of opinion, nothing else.

Brandon Johns
Springdale, AR

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