by Lee Hartgrave on March 22, 2013

A surprising and bold story that takes place as two African-American women in the late 19th century dare to become lovers. The playwright, Shirlene Holmes has brought the most endearing love story to the stage that I have ever seen. There is simple sexualty that makes two people sizzle in a small southern town. They know where there hearts are — even though their neighbors gossip about the situation.

This Bay Area Premiere – Bonds together forever. Swirling Gossip sure makes it’s way around town about their relationship. But that a problem that love can overcome. The 19th Century Love affair is the most unlikely place to find two African-American Ladies who immerse themselves with hope and love. However, they do find courage to dismiss what the neighbors think about them. Their love and new life opens up new channels. The lively discourse is a little uneasy at first — but the relationship blossoms into sharp and lively situations. And oh, the humor is provocative and sly. Their performances are affecting, and truly honest and indisputable. “Excellent Great Art on the stage!”

It’s now Playing at the Eureka Theatre

Directed by John Fisher – Amazing. *The Stars are Velina Brown and “Dawn L. Troupe. Time and Place: The mid-1890’s in the South.

RATING: FOUR GLASSES OF CHAMPAGNE!!!! (highest rating) -trademarked-


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