60-day Notice for Renters Made Permanent

by Tenants Together on October 14, 2009

Governor signs SB 290, vetoes AB 566

Senator Mark Leno’s bill, SB 290, has been signed by the Governor. The bill makes the 60- day notice requirement for no- fault evictions permanent. The 60- day notice requirement has been law for six years, but was scheduled to sunset at the end of this year. The law provides much needed time for tenants who are evicted through no fault of their own to locate new housing. Tenants Together thanks Senator Leno for his continued advocacy for fairness and justice for California renters. Please note that in the foreclosure context, federal law continues to provide 90- day notice.

Assemblymember Pedro Nava’s bill, AB 566, has been vetoed by the Governor. The bill would have required majority resident approval for mobilehome park conversions. Park conversions undermine rent control, making it particularly crucial that residents have a say in conversions. According to the Governor’s veto message: “While the intent of this bill is to preserve low- income housing, the fact that a majority of mobilehome park residents do not support a conversion is not an appropriate means for determining the legitimacy of a conversion. The law is not intended to allow park residents to block a request to subdivide.”

We disagree with the Governor and look forward to working with mobile home residents to oppose unfair conversions of mobile home parks. Click here for a list of the Governor’s actions on recent legislation.

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