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by on July 3, 2009

Dear Editor,

My understanding is that a great many of the 311 calls are MUNI related. Those calls seem to be redirected as you have to push a separate number for MUNI related calls, but are they being redirected to MUNI, and if not, I wonder what happened to the MUNI employees who used to field those calls before 311.

Terrrie Frye
San Francisco

To the Editor:

I’m part of the Friends of the Bernal Preschool / Learning Center that received an add back last year and part of the 41% that was taken back 100%. I agreed with Supervisor Daly last night that if history has anything to show for Newsom, come State budget and mid-year cuts, most if not all add backs will be gone. We should reserve Newsom’s pet projects to guarantee he maintains the add-backs fought for by the community. Newsom is not to be trusted. Look at his track record.

Mauricio Vela
San Francisco

To the Editor:

California is bankrupt, due to too much spending and that is NOT the fault of the Governor. It’s the Liberals that truly run the state (state legislature), that has run it into the ground. If California is to make it, it NEEDS to stop giving away money to every special interest desire and stop being a welfare state. However, Liberals would rather keep raising hoping that will fix everything. Taxing people to death is NOT a solution, it only serves to drive people from the state and lowering the overall tax base. Where are the Hollywood Elite’s now? Maybe with many of their extreme liberal views, they should give away all their money to bail out the state they helped to destroy (practice what they preach and lead by example). Good luck out there…..

Mike S.

To the Editor:

The first thing the State should do is overturn Prop 13! When I moved here in 1978 and witnessed the Prop 13 debacle, I knew we would be in trouble!

Arthur Zigas

To the Editor:

The left wing bias in this article is over the top. What the left doesn’t seem to understand is that more debt makes a long term solution more grim. Government operates on the backs of working people. It never creates money, only takes away from productive people via taxation.

There is already no way to pay back the deficit, meaning the productive people are already over-taxed and loosing their productive capacity because of it. And democrats seem to think that another few billion federal loan-shark money will save us. We need to take the pain now, and government workers, and those living off handouts need to earn instead of steal.

Zach O’Brien

To the Editor:

Re: “Beyond Chron Writer Enters District 10 Race.” I have been the Health and Environmental Science Editor of the SFBayview Newspaper for 10 years, and ran for Mayor of San Francisco on a platform
advancing environmental justice. I grew up in southeast San Francisco, have a stepson who lives on Palou, a cousin who owns a business on Third Street and a slew of friends. I helped close down two power plants, and founded the Radiological subcommittee of the shipyard RAB. I sat on the Board of Directors of the California League of Conservation Voters and the Executive Committee of the Sierra Club. How come I never heard of this guy in all of my life? I smell a rat!

Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Re: “Builders Trade Luxury Condos for No-Frills Rentals.” Does this mean we are back to the horrible design (really lack of) that represented the 50’s specials in the Western Addition and the Richmond? Seems the Planning Commission must take an active role in design review, and not rubber stamp all projects to increase the tax revenue.

Winston Austin

To the Editor:

As if the economic crisis wasn’t enough drag on unions’ effort to negotiate contracts, the SEIU’s irresponsible raids are a joy to the business community that thrives and licks its tongue at these internecine fights. True Union leaders will further the Union ideals before their own gain. Praise of Andy Stern by Wall Street Journal few years ago was a harbinger of a duplicitous Union leader.

Nafiss Griffis
San Francisco

To the Editor:

UNITE HERE needs to focus on the biggest company they have, Walt Disney World. It seems they are spending money from dues to help other people and not the Cast Members at Walt Disney. We have poor representation, and too many new Cast Members are getting the benefits that the Cast Members that have been their 10 to 20 years. It’s bullshit the way our union treats us.

Mick Smith

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