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by on January 5, 2011

To the Editor:

I think what we need in Room 200 at the City Hall of San Francisco is a person who is accessible to the great majority of San Franciscans. Of the four (4) aspiring mayoral candidates that BeyondChron has mentioned, in my opinion, Dr. Leland Yee, PhD. is the most “people-oriented” and down-to-Earth kind of guy that anybody can approach inside or outside of City Hall. To be a San Francisco Mayor, the definition of “progressive” does not only mean supporting gay marriage or walking with hotel strikers, but it also mean someone who can bring diverse people together to the table and resolve issues for the good of San Francisco. Dr. Yee has that quality and experience. Leland has authored many bills in Sacramento which were supported by both Democrats and Republicans. He’s a consensus builder type of a person. Additionally, Dr. Yee has already established himself in terms of political connections in Sacramento where he can get support from our State legislators in case he needs help to benefit our great City. Go for Dr. Leland Yee in November 2011 election.

Daz Lamparas
San Francisco

To the Editor:

In the article about San Francisco’s Local Hiring Law, you cite the closing of Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard, etc. as reasons for loss of good ‘blue collar” jobs, overall. Add to this ; just recently an excellent opportunity to put people to work at all skill levels was tossed aside. I’m talking about the old MARAD reserve fleet in Suisun Bay. Ship, breaking and recycle. Lots of work, from HazMat handlers to torch burners and general labor SawZall mechanics. Instead, it’s towed away to Texas for ‘cut up.’ Thanks to rabid environmentalists and probably Code Pink, many good paying jobs are lost … again.

Randy Fleming

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