Mad Scramble in District 10 Supervisors Race

Posted September 27, 2010 by Randy Shaw

The Supervisor’s race in San Francisco’s District 10 remains up for grabs. Onetime frontrunner Lynette Sweet has dropped from the pack since it was disclosed she had outstanding tax bills. DeWitt Lacy, far off the political radar screen only one
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Stephen Colbert Strikes Again … Thank God

Posted September 27, 2010 by Paul Hogarth

Last week, comedian Stephen Colbert testified before Congress – in character – to talk about his experience picking corn for one day, as part of the United Farm Workers “Take Our Jobs” campaign. The conclusion, he said, was to support
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The SF Chronicle’s Absurd Senate Non-Endorsement

Posted September 27, 2010 by Robert Cruickshank

Newspaper endorsements are of limited value, especially in high-profile statewide campaigns for major elected offices like US Senate. And yet they can sometimes frame the way a campaign is discussed, and shape perspectives about a candidate, especially when the editorial
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Jill Johnston: Gone But Not Forgotten

Posted September 27, 2010 by Tommi Avicolli-Mecca

In those early years after the Stonewall Riots, when many of us came proudly charging out of our closets, writer Jill Johnston gained notoriety for doing what many of us in the radical queer liberation movement were doing: being defiant
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