A Road Map for Segregating San Francisco’s Middle Schools

Posted August 27, 2010 by Hunter Cutting

The just-announced map for force-feeding students graduating from San Francisco elementary schools into middle schools chosen by the District will eliminate the limited choice families currently have in choosing middle schools and, worse, will lock East Side families into the
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San Francisco Film Society Screen: “The Two Escobars”

Posted August 27, 2010 by Peter Wong

Jeff and Michael Zimbalist’s fascinating sports documentary “The Two Escobars” — which opens tonight at the Sundance Kabuki Cinema — begins with a recounting of the Colombian soccer team’s ill-fated matchup against the United States during the 1994 World Cup.
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SF Weekly Piece on Pelosi Relies on Flawed Analysis

Posted August 26, 2010 by Paul Hogarth

Although you can read Sasha Abramsky’s entire profile of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that graces the current cover of SF Weekly, the piece instantly loses credibility in the sixth paragraph. “Most polls suggest that [Democrats] will do pretty badly in
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Governors and Jobs

Posted August 26, 2010 by Michael Bernick

Over the past year, I’ve been engaged in a research project on the transformation of employment in California since World War II. The project has involved research on the shifting employment relations in California (particularly the breakdown of the employer-employee
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School Beat: SFUSD’s New Student Assignment Plan

Posted August 26, 2010 by Lisa Schiff

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is inaugurating a new method of assigning students to schools this year. The design of this new policy has been underway for many years, fueled by confusion with the previous process and the
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