School Beat: School Budgets and Teacher Salaries

Posted September 29, 2005 by Lisa Schiff

The mystery of education budgets has just gotten both a little clear and a little murkier. Earlier this year, Education Trust-West (, a policy institute devoted to education issues published a study examining the issue of how salaries for teachers
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Chronicle Defames Tony Hall but Covers-Up Harris and Ting Scandal

Posted September 29, 2005 by Randy Shaw

In recent weeks the San Francisco Chronicle has charged Treasure Island Development head Tony Hall with engaging in “questionable” financial dealings by setting up “separate bank accounts” outside the city treasury. Hall was cleared of any wrongdoing at a Supervisor’s
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Board Continues Dufty Legislation 30 Days

Posted September 29, 2005 by Staff Writer

The Board of Supervisors’ Land Use Committee continued legislation restructuring the condominium conversions lottery yesterday. The legislation, sponsored by Supervisor Bevan Dufty, would have given precedence to those applications with seniority, thereby encouraging the purchase of TICs and the evictions
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‘Dufty’s Condo Conversion Shennanigans’

‘Dufty’s Condo Conversion Shennanigans’

Posted September 29, 2005 by

Gentlemen – Many thanks for your coverage of Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s attempts to circumvent the city’s condo conversion process. As an owner in a TIC, I take special note of coverage of this issue, and I often wonder why our
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Ting Wins Labor Council Endorsement

Posted September 28, 2005 by Randy Shaw

Assessor Phil Ting won the endorsement of the San Francisco Labor Council Monday night, prevailing over Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval by a 47-14 vote. The vote mirrors Ting’s strong showing at the Democratic County Central Committee, and confirms the reluctance of
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Three Years, 15 Sites, Not One Home

Posted September 28, 2005 by Alison Stevens Rodrigues

Logic would suggest that a piece of legislation, intended to help curb San Francisco’s homeless crisis, would be embraced by community members, and soon thereafter, implemented by interested parties. Yet three years after the Board of Supervisors enacted a Surplus
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Dufty Pushing Legislation to Encourage Condo Conversions

Posted September 28, 2005 by Casey Mills

A hearing will be held today on Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s legislation to restructure the condominium conversions lottery, giving precedence to those who’ve been in the lottery the longest. The legislation would speed up the conversion process, guaranteeing that those who
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