Murdered by Capitalism by John Ross

Posted July 29, 2004 by Colin Bosio-Cady

This book’s greatest asset is the experienced skill of its writer. Heavy on drinking stories and filled with nostalgia for the days when propaganda by the deed was an accepted political concept, Death by Capitalism gives the reader a sort
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Trees: Latest Casualties in War Against Homelessness

Posted July 28, 2004 by Jeremy Elprin

In the misty rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon, foreign investors’ logging efforts have led to irreparable habitat destruction, leaving creatures of all walks of life without food and shelter. In the murky streets of downtown San Francisco, a similar phenomenon
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Editorial: The Chronicle’s Progressive Purge

Posted July 28, 2004 by

When Southern radio stations stopped playing the Dixie Chicks in response to the group’s criticism of President Bush, Bay Area residents assumed that it could not happen here. The same reaction likely followed the Alladin Hotel’s recent decision to terminate
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All Star Hotel New Addition to City Leasing Program

Posted July 27, 2004 by Jeremy Elprin

With upgraded communal kitchens and new doors and sinks in every room, the All Star Hotel, a residential hotel on 16th and Folsom streets, will reopen next week after months of refurbishment. When permanent tenants move into the building on
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