111-Year-Old Makes Calls for Obama

by Judith Jones on November 6, 2008

On Election Day, when I went to the Berkeley Obama Headquarters to do data entry, I encountered an African-American family entering the Headquarters at the same time I did. I noticed that there were many generations together, but I was unprepared for this 111-year-old (not a typo) woman who came to make calls for Obama. She carried with her the book “The Audacity of Hope.” In the picture, she sat down to make a phone call and you can see her youngest great-grandson next to her who has just turned 18, and will be able to vote for Obama. She was born in 1897, when William McKinley was President. It was very moving, and I just had to share with you all. I am glad I had my trusty iPhone which takes quite good pictures!

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