Urge Governor Brown to Sign Election Day Voter Registration

by Paul Hogarth on August 29, 2012

While the right-wing imposes oppressive “voter ID” laws to disenfranchise minority and low-income communities, California has a chance to buck the national trend. Both houses of the State Legislature have passed AB 1436, which establishes same-day voter registration – and the bill now awaits Governor Jerry Brown’s signature. California currently requires voters to register up to 15 days in advance, but eight states already have Election Day voter registration — and they have significantly higher voter turnout, especially in disenfranchised communities. In Minnesota, progressive champions like Paul Wellstone were elected because same-day voter registrants created the margin of victory – and in Maine, voters beat back an attempted repeal of their Election Day voter registration law last November. AB 1436 would extend Election Day voter registration to California, while increasing penalties for voter fraud. Common Cause has a link on its site, allowing you to send Jerry Brown an e-mail – urging his signature of AB 1436. Governor Brown has not always signed progressive legislation, so his support is no sure thing. Please act today, and urge Governor Brown to sign AB 1436.

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